At Pleasant Street Sweets there is an emphasis on fresh, made from scratch baked goods that taste as good as they look. There are NO artifical flavors, NO preservatives, and NO added chemicals...only quality ingredients and a lot of love! 


​Owner/Baker Malaika Sidmore


Cookies and Other Treats...

Decorated cookies are a fun, colorful way to personalize your event. They can come in all shapes and sizes...can be bagged and tied with a ribbon, placed on each dessert plate or displayed on a cake pedestal. 

Cookie Flavors:

Sugar cookie

Chocolate sugar cookie



I have a lot! Too many, perhaps! Certainly too many to list, but if you have something in mind...just ask. If I don't have it, I can usually find it if you give me enough lead time.


Decorated cookies are priced based on size, detailing, and personalization. Typically, they run about $2.00 to $3.00 per cookie. Ask about bagging!

Of course, decorated cookies aren't the only game in town! I am happy to make other cookies you are looking for - chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, biscotti, lemon thyme, coconut macaroon, french many choices. Prices for this kind of cookie depends on the sizing but ranges from $1.50 to $2.00.

Desserts bars, or passed bite sized desserts are another offering at Pleasant Street Sweets. They are an easy way to offer your guests a wide variety of sweets. They are easy to eat as well, which makes them great for a wedding, an open house, a cocktail party, a gallery opening - really any event where you are feeding a large group. These treats tend to be a bite or two...the perfect 'popable' treat!

Please note that the following listing of desserts is not fully inclusive. If you have a particular yearning, let me know. I am happy to try to accommodate your cravings. Also, many of these desserts can be made to serve your guests at a sit down dinner. The perfect ending to your next dinner party!

Standard Choices:

​Brownies--raspberry cream cheese, double chocolate, nutty, caramel pretzel

​Chocolate chip cookie bars

Brownie bites (layer of sugar cookie topped with a layer of rich, fudge brownie)

​Lemon bars

Mini Cupcakes

Small cookies

Gourmet Choices:

​Assorted decorated cookies

Fruit tartlets

Caramel hazelnut tartlets

Petits fours

​Frangipani tartlets

Peanut butter layered brownies

Mint layered brownies

Cappuccino brownies

​Hazelnut Torte

Gingerbread with chocolate ganache

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Apple Pie

French or coconut macroons

​Creme brulee in phyllo

Pricing for standard flavors:


Pricing for gourmet flavors:

​Begins at $2.00