At Pleasant Street Sweets there is an emphasis on fresh, made from scratch baked goods that taste as good as they look. There are NO artifical flavors, NO preservatives, and NO added chemicals...only quality ingredients and a lot of love! 


​Owner/Baker Malaika Sidmore


Most importantly, I want to give you the tastiest treats that you have ever had. Though I never forget that the way your desserts look plays a huge role, I feel strongly that taste is paramount! I use high-quality ingredients and I create everything from scratch as you order it. This ensures that you get the very best of what I have to offer. 

Each of you has your own vision for your party, or wedding. Because of that, I like to work closely with you to create your one-of-a-kind dessert! Nothing has to fit in a box...literally or figuratively!

Who we are...

What we do...

Though I am the one and only baker behind Pleasant Street Sweets, there is a lot more to this little business than just me. My right hand part designer, part delivery man, and most importantly, my biggest supporter! The other pieces that complete this picture are my two favorite young men, Tyler and Evan. They help to brainstorm new ideas, are always honest in their assesment of a finished product, and are the resident taste testers. Together we are Pleasant Street Sweets!  

With a long-time love of baking, in 2007 that love turned into a career. Though now closed, Jack's of New London provided me with the amazing opportunity to sell my goods! That turned into me becoming the baker for their catering company, expanding my repetoire to plated as well as passed desserts. For the last 3 years, I have been the baker for the Coach House restaurant at the New London Inn. I also sell some super yummy, crazy rich brownies to the Hole in the Fence Cafe, in New London. In addition, I make all kinds of delicious treats to whoever wants them..from weddings, to birthdays, anniversaries to backyard barbeques! Anything to make an event even more memorable for my clients and their guests!